Six Senses Krabey Island, 2019

Hotel — Cambodia

  • Location Krabey Island, Sihanoukville, Cambodia
  • Client RPB Investment
  • Type Hospitality & Spa
  • Size 6,200 sq.m.
  • Status Completed
  • Year 2015-2019

Located on a private island in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, and tucked under lush tree canopy of the island’s pristine jungle, the wellness and sustainability-led resort, Six Senses, is offering guests crafted experience while being part of the local fabric and culture. Less than 10-minute drive from Sihanouk International Airport, the Mainland Jetty welcomes guests for boarding a short water transfer to the island. The resort consists of 40 private pool villas, all-day dining restaurant, fine dining restaurant,sunset bar, ice-cream parlour, kid’s club and completed with Six Senses’ signature spa.

Unique Khmer local way of life, cultural heritage, belief and nature have inspired design narrative for Six Senses Krabey Island. Throughout the island, different areas tell different stories. Local Khmer inland dwelling and the island-native Romdoul blossom inspired the design of the pool villas while the Main Facilities building narrates the story of the fisherman village. Fine Dining Restaurant was created with the idea of dining in the jungle to be in harmony with to the embraces of surrounding. The relationship of Khmer people, water and belief drive the design idea for Spa complex.

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Villas & Retreat – The Local Khmer House

Private pool villas and retreat design was inspired by features of Khmer local houses, such as the timber-cladded wall pattern and rhythm derived from timber wall panel of local houses, throw pillows with handmade fabric cover by local weavers to add local touch to the space, including local household items for decoration. Meanwhile, organic lines and forms are applied to design elements to reflect forms in the nature to create a friendly and relaxing atmosphere for guests. All villas and retreat feature painting of water buffalos, inspired by the name of the island ‘Krabey’ which means water buffalo, with horns growing into flourishing trees to reflect the lush nature of the island.

Bedroom at the Beach Retreat overlooking the private beach

Dining room of the Beach Retreat

Lobby Lounge

Design for Main Facility building is to tell the story of each area of the fisherman house. Lobby Lounge situates on the top floor of the building, hence the design is about the roof area of the house where fishermen air their fishing equipment and household items which traditionally made from natural material and woven technique. Woven pendants were designed and positioned as if they are blown by sea breeze. Seating area is embraced by woven partition made by renowned artist team,Korakot Aromdee.

Lobby Lounge at nighttime

Sunset Bar

Terrace of the fisherman house is where the family would come together to relax, socialise and make or repair their fishing equipment. This has become the narrative for the Sunset Bar located on a separate adjunct building featuring large school of fish installation by artist Korakot Aromdee and the woven fish trap-inspired decorative lighting.

Sunset bar bathing in the last light of a day

AHA Restaurant

Warm and friendly atmosphere of dining inside the fisherman’s house inspires the design concept for this all-day dining restaurant resulting in decorative elements derived from elements of the house. Dining area walls are adorned with balustrade in pattern commonly seen in traditional houses. Ceilings are inlaid with mat and ‘Kramar’, traditional Khmer scarf. Dining furniture are designed with local touch along with decorative lighting wrapped in sheer fabric for more relaxing mood.

Dining area of AHA Restaurant is adorned with local-pattern inspired balustrade matching with mat-inlay and reclaimed wood decorative beams .

Ice-cream Parlour

Design for the parlour is inspired by space underneath the fisherman’s house where there are structural supporting stilts elevating the house to above water level. Hence the main feature of this area is to have stilts as main design element being vertical supports of shelving throughout the area.
Colour scheme is derived from the colourful pink and orange of coral to reflect the close proximity to the sea and to match well with the deli and ice-cream served here.

The Tree Restaurant – Dining in the jungle

The fine dining restaurant is in a hideaway building surrounded by dense tree canopies overlooking the sea. The context of the setting inspires the design of ‘Dining in the jungle’ which translated into tree-canopy hanging art installation, fruit-shape decorative pendants and stone wall relief of jungle life scene to create an atmosphere of dining under tree canopies inside the building. The art installation was by artist Korakot Aromdee.

The Spa - The relationship of Khmer people, water and belief

Khmer people’s way of life is inseparably instilled with relationship with water. To the north in Siem Reap, there is a sacred river called ‘Kbal Spean’. In many of the ancient Khmer stone carvings show life scenes along rivers. Therefore, water has become the main design idea for the Spa complex.

Treatment rooms are designed to create an atmosphere of being underwater and looking up to the rippling water surface. Ceiling is made as a low relief in form of water ripples. Decorative pendant stems are in forms derived from air bubbles rising to the surface.

Retail-integrated Spa reception and lounging area

Spa single treatment room

Spa double treatment room

Alchemy Bar where guests could join a guided workshop to blend their own potions and cures.

Jacuzzi & plunge pool in Spa changing room

• Lobby Lounge night time photographs by DIN studio
• All other Six Senses Krabey Island photographs courtesy of Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spa.