Supanniga Eating Room, 2017

Restaurant — Thailand

  • Location Tha Tian, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Client Supanniga Group
  • Type Restaurant
  • Size 180 sq.m.
  • Status Completed
  • Year 2017

This project is the first Supanniga Eating Room’s branch in Bangkok old city quarter and is a drop-off for Supanniga Cruise. Located on Chao Phraya riverbank in Tha Tian Pier area, the restaurant has 88 seats in total on 2 storeys with a tea bar on ground floor and a rooftop liquor bar.

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The idea

Inspired by the restaurant’s location on Chao Phraya riverbank with exceptional view of the ‘Phra Prang’ of Wat Arun (the Temple of the Dawn), atmosphere of traditional riverfront house becomes design narrative for the project in keeping with contemporary Thai character of the brand Supanniga. Ground floor is lined with timber wall and windows in language and pattern derived from traditional ‘Isan’(north-eastern) house. ‘Mudmee silk’ (unique north-eastern Thai silk), ‘Supanniga blossom’ (yellow cotton tree’s flower), ‘Kraboum’ (cooked sticky-rice cooling tray made of wood), ‘Feum’ (wooden reed of traditional mat weaving machine), and handmade decorative terracotta leaves and beads by Supanniga Home Khon Kaen craftsman team are main design elements featuring colour yellow and orange of Supanniga blossom, aqua blue of the river theme, and pink of Bangkok sunset sky creating fresh and bright atmosphere in harmony with the view of ‘Phra Prang’ and Chao Phraya river which are the main highlight of the restaurant.