DIN Studio was founded in 2013. ‘DIN’ is the acronym comes from ‘Dimensional Interpretation. In Thai, ‘DIN’ also means ‘earth’, which echoes our personality as simple, humble and down to earth.

Our working identity is the result of mixing people’s way of life and the way of nature...and then interpret it to the new dimension of design. We believe in story. Each of our work tells a different story of at ease, simple and long-lasting.

We work and play together as a team under happiness and knowledge sharing environment. We see teammates as partner in work and partner in creativity. We believe heart-fully that warmth and happiness we share together in our team will be resonated and passed through our work… and received by those who trust and believe in our work.



Co-founder & Lead Designer

Once dreamt to create culinary dish, now create food for thought through design creativity. Always finds inspiration from earth and nature just like the way a professional chef would pick his ingredient from wild nature. Seeing people and the way life going as a source of new flavor for creativity… and believes that this source will never run out. “See the world with eyes wide open. We are such small living beings who need to roam this wide wide world”


Co-founder & Lead Designer

Nature and Buddhist dharma influence Pin's life and work the most. Both, which speak of truth and essence of things, inspire her to see aesthetic in the nature of everything, including the incomparable beauty of the mother nature, and to study through to the essence of each of her projects to create outcomes that would not be just style or following the trending but with roots and narratives. All surrounding nature, earth, sky, wind, water, trees, ways of life, community, culture could all become her inspiration.



Story-teller through spatial design and photography. Addicted to urban trekking and good conversations with good cups of tea.


Interior Designer

From Prae-ian to Bangkokian. Captivated by the beauty of smooth woven and local stuffs, a member of dog admirer club. Fall in love with galaxy and glitter.


Interior Designer

A conversation maker. Adore stylish wearing. Seeking for challenging…and living for ‘seeking small happiness in everyday life’.


Interior Designer

High note is her signature. Other teammates see her as ‘The Hulk’ of the workplace. A bookworm who loves noodles and pasta. Cursed with love for dogs… but dogs do not love back.


FF&E / Interior Designer

Fashion and discovering places with my film camera are my love. I am as well interested in horoscope.



A simple girl, slowly trekking towards her own summit. She has her destination, yet enjoys the beauty of her journeys. She loves peace, yet like to listen to alternative rock music. She loves nighttime, yet afraid of darkness. She stays humble and being true to herself. She is an architect, yet she as well loves designing interior.


Interior CAD technician

A northerner from Lampang who love drawing since being a kid then came to Bangkok to study art at Thaivichitsilp School of Art which became a start of a journey in design industry. Love craft of quilting and dream of opening own restaurant.